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Second Opinion Germov 4e

Second Opinion
An Introduction To Health Sociology

Fourth Edition
John Germov
ISBN: 9780195562811
Published: 25/06/2009

Second Opinion 4th edition is the leading health sociology textbook for Australian students. Accompanied by a comprehensive online resource centre with innovative teaching and learning materials, this outstanding teaching text introduces students to the theories, concepts and contexts that are needed to understand the issues confronting health sociology.

Over a decade since the first edition was published, this fourth edition has undergone a significant revision to thoroughly match today’s student and lecturer needs.

New Chapters on Global Public Health, Workplace Health, Rural Health, Mental Illness, The Illness Experience, and Media and Health
Chapter vignettes and related questions grab the reader’s interest and encourage a sociologically reflexive approach
‘Doing health sociology’ boxes highlight the insights of sociological research and theories for informing health care practice, health policy, and public understanding of the social origins of health and illness
Recommended chapter-specific documentaries and films

Part 1: Health Sociology and the Social Model of Health
1 Imagining Health Problems as Social Issues
John Germov
2 Theorising Health: Major Theoretical Perspectives in Health Sociology
John Germov
3 Researching Health: Methodological Traditions and Innovations
Douglas Ezzy
Part 2: The Social Production and Distribution of Health and Illness
4 Global Public Health
Alex Broom and John Germov
5 Class, Health Inequality, and Social Justice
John Germov
6 Workplace Health
Toni Schofield
7 Gender and Health
Dorothy Broom
8 Indigenous Health: The Perpetuation of Inequality
Dennis Gray and Sherry Saggers
9 Ethnicity, Health, and Multiculturalism
Roberta Julian
10 Rural Health
Clarissa Hughes
Part 3: The Social Construction of Health and Illness
11 The Social Appetite: A Sociology of Food and Nutrition
Lauren Williams and John Germov
12 The Medicalisation of Deviance
Sharyn L. Roach Anleu
13 Mental Illness: Understandings, Experience and Service Provision
Pauline Savy and Anne-Maree Sawyer
14 The Illness Experience: Lay Perspectives, Disability and Chronic Illness
Daphne Habibis
15 Ageing, Health and the Demographic Revolution
Marilyn Poole
16 The Human Genome Project: A Sociology of Medical Technology
Evan Willis
17 Media and Health
John Germov and Maria Freij
Part 4: The Social Organisation of Health Care: Professions, Politics, and Policies
18 Power, Politics, and Health Care
Helen Belcher
19 Challenges to Medical Dominance
John Germov
20 Sociology of Nursing
Helen Keleher
21 The Sociology of Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Alex Broom
22 Jostling for Position: A Sociology of Allied Health
Lauren Williams
23 A Sociology of Health Promotion
Katy Richmond and John Germov
24 Community Health Services in Australia
Fran Baum

Associate Professor John Germov (PhD) is Dean of Arts and Head of the School of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Newcastle, Australia. John is a former President of The Australian Sociological Association, or TASA and he established TASAweb and was its editor from 1996 to 2005. He is an Editorial Board Member for the Journal of Sociology and was an Executive Board Member of the International Sociological Association, or ISA from 2002 to 2006.

John has published widely in the areas of health sociology, food sociology, workplace change, and general sociology. John’s books include A Sociology of Food and Nutrition: The Social Appetite (with L. Williams; OUP, 3rd edn 2008); Public Sociology: An Introduction to Australian Society (with M. Poole; Allen & Unwin, 2nd edn forthcoming 2010); Australian Youth: Social and Cultural Issues (with P. Nilan & R. Julian; Pearson, 2007); Histories of Australian Sociology (with T. McGee; Melbourne University Publishing, 2005); Get Great Marks for Your Essays (Allen & Unwin, 2nd edn 2000), Surviving First Year Uni (with L. Williams; Allen & Unwin, 2001) and Get Great Information Fast (with L. Williams; Allen & Unwin, 1998).

These supplementary resources are designed to assist lecturers with their teaching and are available to adopters of this text.

The resources include an Instructor's Resource Manual containing ‘icebreakers’ for each chapter to facilitate student discussion, a Test Bank of multiple choice questions with over 200 questions and answers organised by chapter, and an Image Gallery of all diagrams and tables contained in the book.

If you have adopted this text, or are considering adopting it, and would like to receive the lecturer resources via email, CD or in printed form, please contact your local OUP sales representative.

In the Student Resources for Second Opinion 4e you will find:
- Additional online case studies for each chapter of the book, with a focus on health
- Suggested further readings and weblinks for each chapter of the book
- Recommended journal websites and key health-related websites
- Chapters from previous editions of Second Opinion

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Second Opinion Germov 4e
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